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SellCAD Newsletter 06 Nov 2014 
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Autodesk is changing it 'Upgrade' policy from 01 Feb 2015. This newsletter explains the new policy and provides specials available as on now.
Autodesk 20% off on Upgrades


LAST THREE DAYS (28-30 Jan 2015) TO UPGRADE AUTOCAD, LT and Other Autodesk Software

At present, Autodesk product users have the option to purchase 'upgrade' version from 6 prior versions. The upgrade pricing will end 31 Jan 2015 for most Autodesk products.

This means that from 01 Feb 2015, Autodesk product upgrade will be available only through 'Subscription'. This means, all users must have a current subscription contract in place to obtain an 'upgrade'. Upgrades are free within Subscription.

In case you do not have a current subscription for a Autodesk Product license, please upgrade this product now!

In case you do NOT have a current subscription

In case you do not have current subscription for all the licenses that you hold, we recommend purchasing an 'Upgrade' to current version with subscription. This will enable you receive 'upgrades' and many other subscription benefits such as Online Training, Web Support, Media, facility to obtain a prior version etc.

Special Offers for Upgrade - Avail them now!

In case, you do not have a current with Maintenance and save, Avail this rare opportunity and upgrade any Autodesk Product R14, 2000-2008 versions. Email for Autodesk R14-2008 Upgrade.

Rare opportunity to Upgrade Legacy Autodesk 2008 or older versions of AutoCAD, Map, Land, Inventor, Mechanical etc. with Maintenance and save, Avail this rare opportunity and upgrade any Autodesk Product R14, 2000-2008 versions. Email for Autodesk R14-2008 Upgrade.

 - Upgrade with Maintenance Subscription and save 20% . Valid till 30/01/2015. Please Email for  an Upgrade quote.

Microsoft Volume Licening

- Buy Microsoft Products Commercial, Education, Charity and Not for Profit - Office, Servers, CALs with Special Offers on Microsoft Volume Licensing, Office 365, Servers, Lync, Exchange, CAL Licenses and Upgrade Services. Email for a Quote for Microsoft Products

Adobe Licening

Buy Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat for Commercial, Education, Charity and Not for Profit -Special Offers. Email for a Quote for Adobe Products

GTCO Calcomp Digitisers

Original GTCO Calcomp Digitisers - Why settle for less. Buy world class, highly reliable GTCO Calcomp Digitisers, direct from USA. Email for a Quote for Calcomp Digitisers

CISCO Routers and VoIP Solutions

Robust, Reliable and Economical - Commercial, Education, Not for Charity (NFP) -Buy CISCO Routers, VoIP Solutions. Installation and Support Services available; Email for a Quote for Dell Products

Dell Servers, Workstations and Notebooks

Buy Dell EOFY Specials - Workstations, Latitude Notebooks, Servers and Storage - We provide expert quotes based on your current and future requirements. Give us specs and budgets and get the best hardware for it.  Email for a Quote for Dell Products

Epson Inks and Printing Solutions

Epson Genuine Inks and Printing Solutions - Don't spoil your printers with substitute inks. Save money and save time by buying Genuine Epson Inks and Printers from us, delivered to your door. Email for a Quote for Dell Products

HP Workstations and Printing Solutions

HP Workstations, High End Notebooks and Printing Solutions - Maximise CAD and Design productivity with HP workstations, high end notebooks and Printing Solutions. Save costs with Servers and Storage and End of Life Equipment. Email for a HP Computers, Notebooks, Inks, Toners, Servers

LED Monitors from ASUS, LG, Samsung, Viewsonic

Upgrade to LED Monitors, better productivity, save money- Maximise CAD and Design productivity with 24" and larger LED Monitors from ASUS, LG, Samsung and Viewsonic and other major brands. Email for a LED Monitors

Microsoft Financing 


Make use of Microsoft Financing to make purchases above $3000 through easy documentation and payment terms.

Why wait or go for expensive finance. Make use of Microsoft Financing for all purchase above $3000.

This enables you buy both Microsoft and Non Microsoft software, hardware and networking. Easy and flexible. Just call us and make most out of EOFY.


Design, Drafting, Scanning, Digitising

Drawing Conversion, Scanning, Design and Drafting

Design, Drafting, 3D Modelling onshore or offshore for cost reductions, Protect your drawings and manuals,  ease their use with scanning and digitisation,

Our CAD Design and drafting services cover 3D Modelling, Drafting, Rendering of Engineering, mechanical and Architectural drawings done locally for quick delivery and off shore for cost reduction.


Thousands of other products

Dell Partner Direct

We offer competitive prices on thousands of products including digitisers, printers, Inks, Toners from Calcomp Canon, CISCO, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, IBM, Oracle, Sun

You also gain through easier back up. virtualisation, cloud connectivity, audio video exchanges, better connectivity between offices, employees, partners, vendors and clients!

Since 1999, SellCAD (Previously known as Envision IT) has been bringing you industry leading CAD and IT products and services. We specialise in making your business more efficient and productive while reducing costs. Today, our major vendors are Adobe (Certified), Autodesk (Bronze), CISCO, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft (Gold), and Oracle (Gold). Our services cover Architectural, Engineering and Mechanical design, drafting, Scanning and digitisation of drawings and documents, software installation and upgrade.


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