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Autodesk News and Promotions

Autodesk Promotions

Autodesk is changing the way you buy the software. In the past few months, Autodesk has launched 'Desktop Subscriptions' that stands for what was earlier known as 'Rental License'.

Current Promotions

All promotions available on 'Commission Factory' and expire as stated below.

Buy One, Get One up to 25%* off!

It’s the perfect time to expand your business or add to your team. For a limited time, you can purchase a 1 or 3 year subscription and receive an additional new subscription of the same or lower value at up to 25% off*. Offer ends 19 January 2018.

Get AutoCAD for a limited time 20% off* By AutoCAD from Autodesk

Get AutoCAD LT for a limited time 20% off* Buy AutoCAD LT from Autodesk

Get Revit LT for a limited time 20% off* Buy Revit LT from Autodesk

Buy now online!

Multi-Year Discounts when you purchase multi-year subscriptions

Get 1multi-year discount on desktop license purchases when  you purchase the desktop subscription for more than one year. The discount applies to second and third year and must be purchased in one go.

 Late Fee No Longer Exists

The late fee no longer exists. Please renew your maintenance and desktop subscriptions, well in advance.

This is the first phase of Autodesk's gradual transition to subscription only options. New seats of individual desktop software products, excluding Design and Creation Suites, will generally be available only as Desktop Subscription globally beginning 1 February 2016.

Please find more details of this change by visiting: Autodesk Perpetual License Changes

New Terminology for Subscription

To appropriately reflect these changes, the subscription terminology is now changes as explained below:
  1. Maintenance Subscription: Maintenance Subscription now stands for basic subscription that was earlier known as 'subscription'. This provided web based training, support, online knowledge base, expedited community forum support, free upgrades and other benefits as usual.
  2. Maintenance Subscription with Advanced Support: In addition to Maintenance Subscription benefits, Advanced Support provides 24X7 priority support that may include 'remote desktop assistance', access to programming interface support, exclusive training and option to escalate questions to Autodesk from community forums.
  3. Desktop Subscription: 'Desktop Subscription' is new term for what was earlier known as 'Rental Licenses'. Unlike 'Perpetual Licenses' that users could retain for life, the desktop subscription licenses expire at the end of terms IF not renewed. Desktop subscription can be purchased from SellCAD for quarter, yearly or multi-year terms. In addition to the software license, desktop subscription entitles users the same benefit as offered under 'maintenance subscription'.

Benefits of Desktop Subscription

Increasingly, software licensing is moving towards'subscription' based model. In business, we strongly recommend 'Desktop Subscription' for the following reasons:
  1. Flexibility in Scaling: Business situation is dynamic and keeps changing. The desktop subscription allows businesses to scale up or down number of licenses as per need. Businesses can now add licenses when they have more work and reduce them, when they don't.
  2. Lower Upfront Costs: Desktop Licensing drastically reduces upfront costs and there is no need to block precious resources.
  3. Fixed OPEX Costs compared to CAPEX: Compared to CAPEX in some businesses, the Subscription model is OPEX based. Further, businesses have even costs on an year on year basis rather than spikes when the software is purchased anew.
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