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IT Support for CAD and General Business

Know more about our IT Support Services, Network Server, PS and Software Installation, Management and supportSoftware, Hardware, Networking Installation and Support

Why run after unreliable or expensive IT Support contractors when you SellCAD offers Network, Server, Software Installation, Management and support Services. Our services are designed to suit small business to large corporate customers who get access to specialised support meet their day to day needs.

We provide Specialised IT support to CAD Businesses. This involve installation, Management and Support of Network, Servers, Desktops, Software, Back ups and other day to day assistance. Our CAD IT Support suits well both large and Small customers. As with other services, we prompt, friendly and fixed price.

Our IT Support Includes:


Install your Network, add new devices such as printers, Install or upgrade AutoCAD, of Network including AutoCAD, Software, Back up, Printers, Servers, Desktops, other devices. The tasks can be done during work hours or after hours or weekends No Extra Charge Master Card,Visa and just 2% on American Express and Diners. We support Windows Server environment, devices such as CISCO, Wireless and Ethernet Networks, RFID and other current technologies.

Network Management and Support

Manage your network, onsite or remote through VPN, backs ups, regular check ups, fix faults or problems on call basis or annual cost basis. This covers Network, Printers, Computers, Software as per your requirements. Flexible and fixed quotes.

Repair of Large Format Printers

Repair your large format printers, set up or install, with genuine spare parts or cannibalised ones for very old printers.

We must advise that repairing printers on average cost $385. At times, the printer may not be repairable due to non availability of parts. We would recommend such repairs only for expensive printers or in cases where they cannot be moved.

Supply of Hardware and Parts

Supply of hardware and parts such as computers, portable drives, printer accessories, LCD monitors to keep your IT set up up do date at lowest possible costs.

Supply of Toners and Inks

We supply Original and Genuine Toner and Inks at discounted prices. Please contact us for your requirement of Toners and Inks.

Development of Routines and Specialised Software

Ease your day to day routine tasks by using custom built software for use needs. Often these small jobs will immensely improve your productivity, increase precision and accuracy and keep your work error free. Advantage of specialist software and routines lie in its ability to keep work error and hence lesser stress or wasting of time fixing errors. This covers commercial systems such as BoM, Quotes to CNC Programs

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We accept Diners, Master or VISA Cards.

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