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SellCAD Refunds Policy

Refunds Policy for the Purchases Made on SellCAD.com.au

www.SellCAD.com.au inherits the Business Principle of 'Simple & Clear' from its parent, Envision I.T. Pty Ltd. We clearly explain our offering and assist our customers to select the right products matching their needs.

Australian Consumer Protection Laws apply to all sales made on SellCAD Website without any exception.

The following terms are merely explanatory on how it works. In case of any conflict, Australian Consumer Laws will prevail without any exception.

  1. All the products sold through www.SellCAD.com.au are backed by manufacturer's or developer's warranty. www.SellCAD.com.au extends its customers' the same warranty as provided by the manufacturer / developer.
  2. In the event a customer is eligible for a refund in line with the manufacturer or developers' returns policy, www.SellCAD.com.au shall promptly make a refund to the customer.
  3. We promptly make refunds within 3 business days of refund being approved. In practice, we endeavour to refund within a day or two.
    1. When the payments are made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), refunds are made through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 
    2. When the payments are made by a credit card, American Express or Diners Card, then the refund is made to the card used for the original transaction. As we do not keep Card details with us, we may ask you to provide Credit Card details for a refund. There is NO FEE associated with refund on Credit, American Express or Diners Card.
  4. Returns must be requested within 7 days of purchase. These are accepted subject to manufacturer / developer terms. Some manufacturers / developers allow up to 30 days return.
  5. All returns requested after 30 days  will attract  at least 15% restocking fee provided the return is accepted by the manufacturer / developer.
  6. Returns must include original packaging.
  7. Please Note:
    • Some Items can be returned only in a sealed or shrink wrapped condition. Examples of such items are 'packaged software', toners, HDDs, External drives etc.
    • A software bug is not a  reason to return a product.
    • Hardware especially delicate and small items or heavy items such as large format printers, should be returned with original packing.
    • Computers, Notebooks carry their own warranty terms. If in doubt, please clarify warranty issues prior purchase.
    • All returns accepted subject to their acceptance by Manufacturer / developer. This process may sometimes take time.


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We accept Diners, Master or VISA Cards.

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