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  • SellCAD - Celebrating 10 Years - Part of Envision IT Group Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle Products and Licensing, CISCO, Dell HP, Huawei products SellCAD - Celebrating 10 Years - Part of Envision IT Group
  • Coexl Technologies - Software Development, Upgrade, Maintenance and  Microsoft, Oracle Licensing Coexl Technologies for integrated software development, upgrade, Microsoft and Oracle Licensing, System Installation Coexl Technologies - Software Development, Upgrade, Maintenance and Microsoft, Oracle Licensing
  • Envigreen - leader in environment promotion Promoting environment and sustainability in businesses, workplaces, developing solutions for environment management including promotion, assessment, alleviation and carbin trading Envigreen - leader in environment promotion
  • Encarp - Parking Management Managing Employee Parking, City Council and Commercial parking for easing management costs while easing parking for end users, fully graphical and known to reduce operational effort by up to 80% and increase revenues or reduce parking costs by 35-40%. Our Infringement Systems provide city councils state of the art solution at a third or fourth of traditional solutions. Encarp - Parking Management
  • AutoDMS - Software Solutions for Automotive AutoDMS - Software Solutions for Automotive Software Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers, Distributors, New and Used Car Dealers, Service Providers, programming, new product roll out, new initiative roll out, plug ins, interfaces, supporting automotive sector products
  • Nevitel - Telecom and Networking Infrastructure Solutions Nevitel - Telecom and Networking Infrastructure Solutions Network Set up, Maintenance and Support for telecom ventors, service providers involving network routing, switching, Voice, Dataa, Unified communications inlcuding Microsoft, CISCO, Alcatel, Huawei, Juniper and other major vendor equipment
  • Envision IT Group Envision IT Group Leading IT Company based in Melbourne Australia. Envision IT Group offers Software development, Upgrade, Maintenance, Overseas vendor Support in Australia, Software Licensing Sales, IT solutions, networking, Computers, Servers, Notebooks etc.
  • Envision IT Pty Ltd Envision IT Pty Ltd Leading End to End software solutions provider in Mebourne Australia. Envision IT develops, upgrades and maintains custom software for its clients, it reduces cost of software licensing through smart licensing options, it develops software products for its clients

About Us - SellCAD

SellCAD started in 1999 as Envision IT and became SellCAD in 2008 and as an independent entity specialising in Autodesk products sales with a focus on other packaged products from vendors such as Adobe (creative), CISCO (networking), Dell (Computers and Workstations), HP (Workstations, Printers, Servers, Toners, Inks), Microsoft and Oracle. Over the years, the list has grown and it now offers A to Z of all major vendors and all products.

SellCAD is part of Envision IT Group of companies that bring to our clients a versatile offering of products, services and solutions spread in different IT and industry domains such as software development, Upgrade, Migration, Drawings Scanning, Printing, Conversion, Digitisation,  hardware and network installation, maintenance and support.

Save time and money with quicker purchases - Reachable, Polite and Low Cost

Buying process has its own costs too!

 Simple and Clear low prices remain hallmark of SellCAD offering. We are friendly, easily reachable and  polite to deal with. We make a conscious effort to reach you. With us you don't have to wait for hours to hear back and when you need us to match the price, we are quick.

We save you time, we save you money!

 Dealer Principal - Steve Bungay

Steve Bungay is Dealer Principal of SellCAD. Steve is Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft and Oracle Certified and delivers  a comprehensive offering to reduce IT costs while enhancing efficiency and productivity of IT systems for his clients.

Steve is Electrical Engineer by qualification and Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Steve has over 26 Years experience in Products Development, Design and IT industry.

All Major Vendors: A - Z , All at One Place at Lowest Prices

While Autodesk products form backbone of SellCAD, our product offering is comprehensive and covers products from all leading technology vendors such as Adobe, Business Objects, CAD Gorilla, Canon (devices, printers, cameras) CISCO, DELL, Antivirus, GTCO Calcomp, Fuji-Xerox (Printers), Huawei (Networking Equipment and Services including telecom), HP (Workstations, Notebooks, Servers), IBM (Servers), Intel (motherboards and R&D), Juniper (Network services), Kingston (RAM Upgrade and Memory Solutions, Laser Accessories, LG ( Monitors, TVs) Microsoft (All Software Sales, Support and Installation Services including Upgrade and Migration), Netgear (Switching, Network Accessories), NEMI - Large Format Digitisers, Oracle (databases, Licensing, services including upgrade and Migration), OptiMaint (CMMS), Samsung (Devices), Seagate (hard Disks, portable drives), Transcend memory, Viewsonic (monitors, devices), Western Digital (hard disks and portable devices).

Accredited, Certified and Authorised Reseller in Australia 

We are Adobe Certified Reseller, Authorised Autodesk Reseller and Reseller, Microsoft Gold Partner and Reseller, Oracle Gold Partner and Reseller, Huawei Gold Partner, Dell Direct Partner, CISCO Partner, HP Partner, IBM Partner  and Resellers in Australia. Our high calibre development and support staff for CAD, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Business Intelligence, CISCO,  IT Helpdesk, Microsoft Hosted Services, SharePoint and MS Exchange expertise amongst others.

Volume Advantage - All Genuine Products at lower prices

Buy genuine and all original products, be it Printer Cartridges from Canon or HP or high end workstations, we bring you genuine and authorised stock. We also offer genuine End of Life (EOL) equipment such as IBM Servers at a fraction of new server prices.

We capitalise on our volume sales to reduce your costs on genuine and authorised products for sale in Australia. Ask us for Subscription and Extended Warranty options for better support and peace of mind to reduce your costs.

Over 1000 Clients and the list is growing!

Our business model efficiently services over 950 Customers Australia-wide, from sole operators to businesses with hundreds of thousands employees, globally. We proudly remain an Australian Company who provide its services worldwide. We have build this business on our two main business principles i.e. Simple and Clear and What's Good for You.

Simple & Clear 

We are Simple and Clear in all facets of our business. Without any jargon or fine print, we offer 'Simple and Clear' prices. Our prices include all charges and any exception, boldly stated. We are easy to deal with and our friendly people always eager to assist our clients and prospects.

We are known to resolve complex licensing issues and your information is safe with us.

What's good for you?

We believe we are in the business of being your trusted advisor. All our proposals and advice is based on what is good for you. We are happy to advise better options even when it may cost us immediate business. With us, you can rest assured of the best advice to meet your interests.

Multicultural, Equal Opportunity Employer - We welcome All

SellCAD is multicultural and we welcome all. Our employees bring a diversity and colour to our organisation. Together, they strive to bring you the best experience in quality of service.

SellCAD is especially known to provide opportunity to mature people, mums returning to work, overseas qualified professionals and others who may be disadvantaged in some way in finding a job befitting their qualifications and experience.

Environmental Policy

Environment Consciousness is engrained into our business. We look forward to reducing our footprint on environment. We proactively reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Our Environmental Policy is publically available and can be visited by visiting this link - SellCAD Environmental Policy

Part of Envision IT Group

SellCAD is part of Envision IT Group (formerly Envision IT) that brings you a wide range of products and services with much needed reliability.

We invite you to make use of our competencies.

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