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CAD Design Drafting Drawing Conversion for Defence and Strategic Sector

CAD for Defence and Strategic Sector

CAD Design  &  Drafting Services

SellCAD is Quick and Reliable and secure, especially for Defence and Strategic sector, be it products or Services

SellCAD has been a supplier to defence since 1999 in its previous avatar as Envision IT.

In present times, SellCAD offers Autodesk Software, Design and Drafting, in association with CAD/CAM Services, Inc. US, drawings scanning and conversion services.

CAD/CAM Services, Inc.

CAD/CAM Services, Inc. Web PageCAD/CAM Services, Inc. (CCS) is a 20-year old CAD business based in Dallas (Celina), Texas USA. CCS is one of only six (6) firms in the entire US that is qualified and certified for Department of Defense scanning and CAD conversion work.

CCS has completed many CAD drawings conversion projects for US Department of Defence (DOD) successfully e.g. writing drawing specifications for over 2,000 aperture cards and convert them into into AutoCAD. US DOD only accepts true Cad Perfect™ CAD drawings.

Another project involves Boeing / Vought Aircraft in which CCS converted a major aircraft wing of over 200 - 10' long drawings. This involved conversion and assembly into a single CATIA 3-D model within .005 tolerance!

SellCAD association with CCS brings you the defence and strategic sector expertise to your doorstep. This would allow our defence and strategic sector clients such as Synchrotron, Mining, Aerospace to cost effectively convert their paper or other media based assets into electronic and CAD formats.

Our Services for Defence and Strategic Sector include:

Drawing Scanning and Conversion

SellCAD provides confidential and secure drawing scanning and conversion services to Defence and Strategic sector. All our defence and strategic sector work is done onshore or when allowed, at CCS facilities in US. If required, we can provide 'onsite' conversion facilities with expert personnel with appropriate security clearances.

Drawing Conversion may involve one or more of the following steps:

Design & Drafting Services in Australia or US (at CCS)

Defence or Strategic Sector design and drafting services can be provided from our local office in Melbourne or at CCS facilities.

Our main work involves Autodesk Products and CATIA. While there is no minimum requirements for work to be done in Autodesk products, non Autodesk product based design and drafting should involve at least 10 months effort.

The design and drafting can be done at CCS facilities in US.

AutoCAD, LT, Autodesk Design Suites and Other Software

We are leading vendor for Autodesk products in Australia and a supplier to defence since 1999.

We offer ALL AUTODESK products especially the following:

CAD and IT Training for Defence Personnel and Defence Contractors

We provide CAD and IT training for Defence Sector and its contractors. Our CAD training includes all CAD products such as AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Civil 3D, MAP 3D Training and Microsoft, A+, Embedded Systems and other specialised IT trainings. We also provide Prometric Testing services

As Australia based company with sound credentials, we are geared towards taking on all strategic CAD business from Defence, Aerospace and sectors of similar nature.

Please call us on 1300 289 223 or Email Orders@SellCAD.com.au for further information on CAD Design and Drafting.

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We accept Diners, Master or VISA Cards.

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